About Elsa

Elsa Elsa Balestrino, Founder of Gym BACC

The most overlooked gym accessory is, by far, the workout towel. Think about it: Do you know how often a machine in the gym is used, and other people's germs can live long after a workout ends, even after being wiped down with harmful disinfectants. So I decided, ‘Why not create the world’s best gym towel?’ I enjoy returning home from the gym healthy and clean, and I felt others would want to also. I set out to create a better gym experience by creating a better gym towel! It’s called the Gym BACC: Barrier Against Chemicals and Contaminants. 

It needed to be a soft, stylish and eco-friendly towel to use on gym equipment and seated stationary bikes. A towel that wouldn’t slip  or shift under me as I exercised. And I wanted a towel with an unmistakably stay-clean side. A side intended to only touch me, by design, and never the surfaces of common gym equipment, where more than six hundred types of germs - other people’s germs - live long after a workout ends.   

After experimenting with different designs, I came up with current product. With our patented Pro Cool antibacterial hood, the towel does not slip off the back of your seated stationary bike or work out bench back.  

The reaction from family and friends was overwhelmingly great. How great? They all wanted their own towel! Now they can have it and so can you!   

Made from sustainable, organic and eco-friendly, antibacterial materials, Gym BACC is proudly made in the U.S.A. I hope you enjoy using the Gym BACC towel. And remember to tell all your friends!