The Gym BACC Towel is Born!

The most overlooked gym accessory is, by far, the workout towel. Think about it: You know how often a machine in the gym is used, and other people’s germs can live long after a workout ends; leaving the gym as a sweaty mess is never a cute look; and those bike seats never seem to be clean enough. No one wants to carry around an ugly, inconvenient, non-purposeful towel. It has to look good, be super absorbent, not slip when used on machinery, and help keep you as fresh as possible.

Enter the Gym BACC towel, the newest must have gym accessory. Given its name based on its purposeful function, Barrier Against Chemical Contaminants, it lives up to its name by serving that functional purpose. The patented Pro Cool mesh hood slides easily over the backs of stationary bikes and workout benches, assuring the user that their own backs or gluteus maximus, will not be exposed to the germ ridden equipment. This is the key design for the no-slip towel. Let’s add to this purposeful function the facts that it’s soft, eco-friendly, and stylish – with distinguishable sides to be certain one is to only touch the equipment and the other to wipe away your own sweat. The Gym BACC towel is made using pre-activated Pro ECO Bamboo French Terry Cloth and Pro Cool Athletic Jersey Mesh materials, so they’re extremely absorbent, stretchy, durable, moisture wicking, antibacterial, made in the USA and most importantly, soft on both you and the environment!

The Gym BACC’s Bamboo French Terry is made using only the best eco-friendly yarns for a soft, absorbent towel you can feel comfortable using on your skin. Made of bamboo fibers and organic cotton, this material holds moisture very well. On top of it all, it’s simple to maintain, assuring it will remain soft over its life.

The Pro Cool Athletic Jersey Mesh is uniquely engineered from hydrophobic fibers, so it’s tremendously stretchy, durable, and wicking. Not only are the fabrics used safe for your skin, they also provide the perfect additional barrier of protection on gym machines. Over 131 million people globally have gym memberships – how many of them are going to your gym and not wiping down their equipment after a tough workout? The Gym BACC towel’s patented utility hood assures that you never have to worry about that again.

The Gym BACC towel is a real game-changer. From wiping your brow to wiping your equipment down, this towel is prepared to cover it all. Don’t make the mistake again of heading to the gym without a Gym BACC towel!